About Rental Group Trading

Rental Group Trading is a company with international operations in the sale and purchase of used construction equipment and machinery. The company is part of the Rental Group corporation, the biggest player in rental of construction equipment and machinery in the Nordic region.

The machines we sell have primarily been used in Norway, and maintain high standards in terms of condition and level of equipment. We can provide advice and value assessments of used equipment. We also offer machine transport and can provide all types of servicing and maintenance through our subsidiary Rental Group Service. Rental Group Trading has operations in both Norway and the Netherlands.

About Rental Group

Rental Group is the most comprehensive supplier of rental machinery and equipment to the construction industry. The Group consists of specialist companies with extensive expertise and large volumes of heavy-duty machinery, tower cranes and specialised equipment for tunnel construction. The Rental Group takes care of every need across construction projects of all sizes – from small and medium-sized assignments to the largest and most complex projects. With over 100 in-house mechanics, in addition to permanent and mobile workshops, we ensure continuous maintenance of equipment and machinery.


Rental Group Trading AS
Address: Heggenveien 30, 3370 Vikersund
Postal address: Fornebuveien 1, 1366 Lysaker
E-mail: trading@rentalgroup.no


Rental Group Trading Netherlands BV
Address: Vaccaweg 12, 4751 GZ Oud Gastel
Postal address: Koelestraat 33, 4751 CA Oud Gastel
E-mail: trading@rentalgroup.no